Welcome to Bethanie’s Place

Hello! Thanks for coming across to my humble little website, I hope everything’s working and looking good on your screen. I’m still getting to grips with all of WordPress’s new features so there may be a period of ‘what is this’ and just chaotic mess.

I’ve created this site as a place to share my work, and to post lengthier text updates than other social media sites allow for/followers on those sites want to see. You see I enjoy a good ramble every now and again, with a scattering of useful information or fun bits and pieces, but I’ll keep this short. Things to do, places to not be.

I’ll be working hard during this lockdown to get myself ready for stalls and market place events, so hopefully before too long there will be updates regarding where you can find me and my art in real life! I’ll also be looking at getting my art into local handmade/independent artist focussed stores when the world is open and safe again.

I hope you’re keeping well and safe, if you’re struggling at all in isolation please do reach out.

Thanks again for stopping by, I can’t wait to build a loving fun and bright community 💚

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