Dogs of the Day

Today I have two of my favourite dogs in the whole world to share with you! The first is our forever pooch Foxy, and the second a beautiful lady we emergency fostered for a little while, Kiki. Continuing with my food theme I have created two dream like pieces of the lovely pups on some of their favourite human foods. My ultimate life dream is to have a big enough home to welcome in as many fosters as possible to help rescue pups find their forever homes. Let me tell you a little bit more about today’s pooches…

First up, Foxy…

Foxy is a ten year old rescue dog from the streets of Gran Canaria, however we first met him in Leeds. Thanks to a Facebook group I was a part of at the time I met Foxy’s foster mum, she had been posting for a long time trying to find this boy a home. He had been in England for over a year, and had been passed from foster home to potential adoptive homes over and over. The trouble with our Foxy is that he can be a bit of a grump, and by that I mean where petting is concerned you follow his rules or you get told off. We fell in love with him as soon as we met him, and we knew that patience and time would be just what our boy needed, alongside the chillest life we could provide.

This September we will have had Foxy in our lives for two whole years! Neither of us had any real experience with dogs, unlike the dog trainer who had him before us who gave him back because in an overwhelmed state he bit her. He still has his troubles, but for such an old pup who has lived such an uncertain life, spending at least a little of his life on the streets, I can understand his temperament. You can take the boy off the street, but you can’t take the street out of the boy, so this pup’s favourite food is the stuff smushed onto the pavement or hidden away in the bushes. Chips and sausage rolls have been his favourite street snacks, and every walk through the city is a test of our vigilance. I’m getting pretty good at spotting potential snacks before Foxy, much to his despair!

Up next, Kiki…

Kiki is an old Shar Pei who was taken from an incredibly abusive home and loved by an elderly lady for many years. Unfortunately Kiki’s saviour became very ill and Kiki needed emergency fostering whilst her mum got the help she needed. Taking on Kiki was a big job, as she was a very big girl! She also had heaps of medical issues, primarily with that tricky Shar Pei skin. Kiki was an absolute delight though, she put up with Foxy’s grumbles and loved nothing more than to spread out on the rugs and lounge about doing nothing at all, my kind of pup. Her weak spot was rich tea biscuits, her eyes would light up and that black tongue of hers would come out to gobble them up! I miss her a lot and I hope she’s still gobbling up all the rich teas she can get her paws on.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you like today’s art share. If you do like my work I’d really appreciate any interaction you can muster, and if you could check out my social media to help get more eyes on my work I’d really appreciate it! X

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