The Dreamers: a Digitally Illustrated Collection

You can find the collection uninterrupted, alongside other recent illustrations, over on my gallery. You might want to stick around though, because in this post I’m going to present the illustrative journey that brought me to the completed Dreamers collection. I’ll keep it short and snappy, don’t worry. So without further ado, let’s look at some art!

To begin, this project was initially inspired by this unintentional Space Kitties illustration…

I had started the above illustration to simply draw two of my cats, but then the donuts happened and I found myself with an idea that was far too fun to not run with. Animals on food, who wouldn’t love it?

I asked my best friend for any cat pictures she might have and to let me know what human foods they like, I ended up with a picture of the cutest kitten that’s ever been a kitten, and the concept of kitten on a leaf…

Returning to the food theme I followed this piece with a drawing of my dad’s beautiful pooch Rosie on a pizza…

After Rosie I drew my own dog Foxy and our emergency foster dog Kiki, during which time I discovered the perfect brush on Procreate for making clouds…

After drawing my own dog my friend sent me another photo of another cat. The cat she sent just so happens to be the aforeillustrated kitten’s mum (when they rescued the mother cat they didn’t know she was pregnant, how wild is that!). My friend suggested we put Raccoon, the cat, onto a cake. How could I refuse such a glorious idea…

It was after the creation of Raccoon, Foxy, Kiki, and Rosie, that I started to play with backgrounds and colours and frames. But before I settled on a final design I was asked to draw my brother’s dog Bobby, and after a while of tossing up ideas we settled on broccoli and carrots…

Bobby and his carrot were the final pieces to the Dreamers collection, all that was left was to settle on a final backdrop design and to put them all together in their dreamy paradise. And here we have them, the final Dreamers in all their glory! I’m so happy with how they turned out and I’m really proud of myself for following through.

The Dreamers…

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I can’t wait to share my next projects over here on the blog. Let me know your thoughts, any and all interaction with my work is appreciated – but please do not share without linking back to me! As always my work is available to purchase and I’m happy to take on custom orders and commissions. Send an email to for any enquiries.

See you in the next one!

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