The ‘Easter’ Space Bunny

It’s Easter Sunday already? Wow that came around fast!

In celebration of this glorious lockdown bank holiday weekend I decided to draw an ‘Easter’ special. Most of the imagery around Easter consists of brightly coloured eggs. For my contribution I started simple, and I asked myself, ‘what says Easter Spring time?’ Bunnies! They’re all the rage this time of year – on a serious note, a pet rabbit is for life (8-12 years) and they require a lot of time, space, and a whole lot of care and commitment.

As I’ve been on a pet drawing hype I’d been wanting to draw my childhood rabbit for a while now, so I got to drawing sweet Buttercup. Midway through my outline I decided to draw a spaceship and I put myself and my best friend in the spaceship, so naturally the bunny had to become a space bunny. What isn’t better in space? Tell me honestly.

I hope your eyes light up and lips turn into a smile for the Bethanie’s Place magical Easter space bunny…

Thank you for stopping by today, as always please check out my social media and get interacting, all the small things help so much! My links are dotted about the blog. If you have an art page or other social media you’re building up hit me up and we can support one another. I’ll see you in the next one.

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