Beach Dogs & Good Friends

I started this blog and my recent digital illustrations as an outlet for my creativity during the lockdown, and it’s slowly starting to become so much more than that. Check the end of this post for more details.

Here is my latest piece, a commission bought as a birthday gift. It warms my heart and brings me so much happiness that people see my art as something that’ll bring smiles to their friends. The three dogs are beach lovers, so I decided to set it on a picture of Filey beach from a perfect holiday I went on last year with my little family for my social presentation.

My customer purchased an A4 print of the piece, which will be presented like this post’s featured title image. I’m more than happy to print any and all of my customs (£20-50), I do this at cost (£10) from a wonderful quality online print shop. I’m also now selling prints of two of my favourite pieces, and they can be found on my Big Cartel. There will be 5 of each to begin with, and if enough people want them I’ll order more prints! You can always get in touch to request prints of any of my works, I’ll be more than happy to get something made up for you.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back tomorrow with another commission that I’m working on today. Stay safe & I’ll see you tomorrow.

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