Meditation, Introducing Plum

Whether you love or hate meditation, most of us have tried it at some point in an attempt to become at one with ourselves, to find inner peace, or to simply escape wherever our brain is. Whilst I was napping a couple of days ago I thought it’d be fun to try to draw a dog meditating. I usually work off of reference photos so this would be a real challenge as dogs can’t actually cross their legs, who would’ve thought it. It took me a few scribbles to work out where limbs might go if dogs did have the flexibility to get into a cross legged meditation pose, and I have a time lapse of that chaos for your viewing pleasure over on my Instagram.

I had a little play putting the newly named Plum in different locations and I ended setting them up in Leeds Dock. I really enjoy the fun and quirky of this piece, and I have a few more ideas for pieces like this. I want to further challenge myself though and try my hand at world building, so I’ll update on my progress there!

Without further ado, here is Plum…

I am open for custom work if you’d like to support a small artist like me and grab yourself a fun digital piece of art. You can email me with requests at, I will require upfront payment. I’ll also have prints very soon, I have preorders open on my Big Cartel!

I hope you’re all keeping safe and staying inside. See you in the next one.

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