In Memory of Smokey, Captain Fish

One of my latest commissions was purchased by my best friend and cat lady extraordinaire. Katie and her family have so many beautiful cats, so many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of snuggling with, and Smokey was once a part of their family. The story is sad, but his life was beautiful and abundant. When I was asked to draw Smokey I was overwhelmed with happiness and love.

I drew Smokey on a galaxy background, Katie’s choice (and my personal favourite). When I think of Smokey and see his gorgeous photos, I like to think he’s having fun lounging around up in kitty heaven watching over his beloved humans, full of happiness and memories of the good times.

Katie ordered a print of her commission with me and I’m so happy with how it came out. Also, her photography skills are fire, so thank you to her for making my art look so good! What do you think?

My commissions are open so if you’d like a portrait of your much loved pet, no matter the species, send me a message and I’ll get to work right away. Backgrounds and colour choices are all up to you, or you can leave it up to me if you’d rather.

I’ll be sharing a really cool commission tomorrow so make sure to come back for that! Stay safe and I’ll see you in the next one.

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