Triumph in Space, Motorcycle Commission

As promised, today I’m sharing a recent commission I did that has truly made me appreciate the artistry of motorcycles and the intricacy of their design. I grew up around motorcycles, my dad always had them and would take me to shows, but I’ve never actually ridden a motorcycle. Now I’m not saying I didn’t have fun at the shows with my dad, spending hours looking at them and visiting garage after bike garage, but my passion for them wasn’t on the same level as my dad. Nonetheless, bikes have a place in my heart, and I think most people will understand the sense of thrill and adventure a bike possesses.

When a friend shared a portrait I’d done of her, an acquaintance of hers reached out to me and asked if I could draw him on a motorcycle. I decided to draw him on one of the most powerful bikes going, the Triumph Rocket III, what a bike. After agreeing on the business side of things I got to work, and this is what we ended up with…

I am so happy with how it turned out! This was a totally new direction for me, I’ve never drawn a bike before and I don’t often draw people. It was definitely a challenge, and it was tedious at times, but I think the time I put into it definitely paid off.

If you’d like anything similar give me a shout, as always you can message me via my contact page, email, or find me on my socials.

I’m not sure what I’ll be posting about next, but I’m excited to continue to develop my skills and my own personal style. I’m working on a zombie piece that’s pretty exciting for me as yet again I’m pushing my own boundaries and challenging myself. I’m hoping to have a full length time lapse to go along with that piece too, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one. Stay safe, and reach out if you need human communication x

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