Australia is on Fire

Check out my first finished digital piece that I completed back in January of this year. I’ll be working on putting together a time lapse video of this alongside some of my other works very soon!

I hope lockdown is treating everyone well and that you’re all staying safe. See you in the next one.

Bethanie Writes

For my first art piece of 2020 I wanted it to mean something, and the news of the devastating fires in Australia has been on my mind a lot. I’m lucky enough to be in the UK where bush fires aren’t a threat. However, alongside the devastation to the local communities there is and will continue to be a global impact and that justifiably terrifies me. The mass volume of CO2 being created by the fires will have very real consequences for all of us, especially if the world continues in the direction it’s heading.

Here’s a link to a Twitter thread with a lot of good places you can donate to and information you can share to help make the world aware of what’s going on.

Here is my first art piece of the year, and it is one that I hope will carry meaning and maybe make…

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