Anxious Fish in Print

I am super excited to be writing this post and sharing it with my lovely readers, today I launched my first ever prints over on my Big Cartel! I wanted my first prints to be of a piece that had a lot of meaning for me, and after receiving interest in this particular piece I knew it had to be my anxious fish.

I decided to make the print for general sale without the original text, especially as a friend had wanted to buy one with the words as it also held special meaning for her. I’m excited to see photos when she receives that one! I feel that even without the text this piece is still so special, and conveys that feeling of seeking and uncertainty, but also a spark of hope for peace. I drew this when I needed to escape a moment of great anxiety, so this one is really close to my heart.

Here she is in the paper, if you will…

How gorgeous is she?! I’m so in love with this piece, I’ve even kept one for myself. The remaining 5 will be up for grabs for the amazing price of £15, including UK postage. I think this piece would look amazing in any room and on every wall, I can’t wait to move so I can put mine up, and I’m so excited to see her hanging in other peoples’ homes.

I have a few “ ‘ey up” duck proofs on their way from the printer I get my customs from, and I’m almost certain I’ll be swapping to them for all of my prints as soon as I’ve decided on a final paper type. I’ll be offering the proofs for discounted sale so long as they’re good quality and prints that I’d be happy to pay for myself. So keep your eyes peeled for a lot more coming very soon.

I have so much more to come and I can’t wait to share my journey here and build a community as I grow as an artist. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the next one. Stay safe x

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