A Zombie Affair, Do You Believe in Love After Life?

I love zombies in film, literature, and art, you name it and if there are zombies I’m there. Anything end of the world or apocalypse themed is something I am bound to enjoy. With this in mind when I set off on my latest finished piece I had high expectations for what I was about to create. I wanted to create something dark yet sweet, with a feeling of innocence and wholesomeness in a world that is seemingly absent of those things.

I’ve not had much practise drawing people so the zombie himself was a challenge to begin with. I used a photo of my husband for a basic body shape reference to make sure my proportions were relatively accurate. From there I zombified the outline and got to work adding clothes, and morphing his features into those of the living dead.

Here is our zombie protagonist. I call them Mo. Who they’re looking at is yet to be determined, maybe it’s you.

After I finished drawing Mo I just had to give them an end of the world style backdrop to bring them to life. At first I envisioned Mo in a city, but I quickly started to put together what became a farm, with a boarded up farm house and an overturned tractor abandoned in the background. I had so much fun detailing all of the wooden planks and fences, and building all of the details. This was my first background scene and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Although it’s a cartoon style I think it feels layered and alive. Let me know what you think, and if you think I should’ve added anything else!

I’m excited to work on more like this, and I’m hoping to further build Mo’s world and story. I have a few different projects and commissions I’m working on, but I’m determined to fit my zombie dreamer in between the madness.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Join me over on my social media and check out the rest of my work in my gallery. See you in the next one. Stay safe x

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