Small Art Business Joys

I’ve wanted to turn my love for art and creating into a business for several years now. I started so many times full of excitement and ambition, but it would rarely last. The lockdown was the last place in time I imagined taking the first steps to turning my love for art into something that I can grow and one day rely on to support myself and my family. The current pandemic brought on a lot of anxiety for me and I was struggling at first with the loss of our jobs as childminding assistants (thankfully we will be picking this back up after the lockdown), and the new fear that I might lose people I love to the virus. Somehow I found a drive that I’ve not experienced before. Whilst doodling on my iPad I started to draw two of my cats, and before I knew it I’d turned it into two cats on donuts in space. You can see how my art progressed in {this} post.

From the donut riding space cats I found more inspiration and my mind was filled with ideas for drawings I wanted to do. I started to draw more and more and post my creations on Instagram, people were enjoying them and the ideas kept coming. After having a request for one of my drawings as a print I started to wonder if maybe this time I was onto something. More requests for drawings came in, and then another for a print, and another. My excitement grew and I decided whilst things were still relatively calm I’d open up my Numbers app and make myself a spreadsheet to keep track of spending and sales. Yes Mr Tax Man, I will be ready for you.

I’m no where near where I need to be to be able to rely entirely on my art, but I have had an incredibly strong and exciting start. Only last night I received a commission from Michigan for a pet portrait, little old me here in Sheffield (UK) is being paid to draw for someone all the way in America! How crazy is that? On Saturday evening I packed up another print sale and the entire time I couldn’t stop smiling. People want my art in their homes! I’ve received a few photos from customers of my art in their homes and it brings me so much joy, you can see them on my homepage. It’s like no other feeling.

In this time of uncertainty and misery I feel I have found a light for myself to carry me through, whilst also being able to find a way to set myself up for a future that will hopefully consist of much more art and creating. If you’ve set up own art business what did you find exciting and challenging at the start? Let me know what you’ve been creating over the course of the lockdown, and check out my gallery page to see what I’ve been up to! But remember that just existing through this whole thing is more than okay, your worth is not ,ensured by your productivity.

Thanks for stopping by today, I just needed to get out my happiness and joy at finally starting something for myself. See you in the next one, stay safe and thank you for your support.

After some thought I’ve decided to add a ‘Tip the Artist’ listing on my Big Cartel. This will allow people who purchase my art to tip if they would like, but also provides those who might not want or can’t afford a piece of art, or who simply enjoy my blog, to support my business and help me grow.

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