2020 has been one hell of a year and we’re only half way through: Together We Must Do More

I have a really small readership on here, but every reader has so much value to me and I appreciate each individual that has ever interacted with my work. This small platform I’ve found is why I posted about the Black Lives Matter movement, and why I will continue to post about social injustice. You as an individual mean something to me. Important issues shouldn’t be hushed or pushed aside for comfort, and those of us with white privilege have a moral duty to do and be better. This post, like all recent activism on the matter, is not an attack, it’s a plea from a white person to other white people who has seen enough to know that the current system is broken and has been for the longest time. It is time to speak out, donate, protest, sign petitions, do what you can to make a difference. 

We can only grow if we learn, and as adults it’s up to us to make up for the poor historical and racial education we received. We cannot use the excuses of ‘that’s how it’s always been’ or ‘it’s just the way I was raised’. There is a serious lack of education in the UK on matters of race, POC history, and social justice. This is especially the case for the working classes and those who do not have the privilege of higher education. The only history lessons I remember were about highway men and white kings and queens. This with a complimentary sugar coating over all of the awful things that have happened repeatedly throughout human history. 

It was mine, and my white classmates’ privileges to be ignorant. This must change. It’s up to us now to make sure we educate our children, we must demand that our education systems offer more than white washed history lessons. We must inspire others to open their eyes to the injustices faced by black people, and encourage our friends and family to become allies and do something. The more voices that are raised the harder it will be for those relying on systemic racism to quiet us. Please visit the links I’ve shared below to read more on this issue, to hear from black voices, sign petitions, and donate.

Although this blog started out to primarily be a showcase for my art, I have decided that it will be meaningless to grow a community for something that ultimately means nothing. To make it manageable for me, and so as not to overwhelm readers, I am going to start a monthly series in which I share and discuss important issues, and point the reader in the direction to any current petitions or causes that need attention there and then. Obviously if there are world events that call for spontaneous posts as the current protests have I will try my best to be here with information. I am doing this in the hope that we can grow together, inform each other, and create a positive space that means something. 

Of course my art will be back within due course, and I’m excited share my recent works, but for now there are more pressing matters that need to be discussed and taking up space. The image on this post is something I drew today after seeing a video of Gianna Floyd on her Uncle’s shoulders announcing, “Daddy changed the world.” It was such a powerful and beautiful image, and I knew if I was going to draw anything referencing recent events it had to be this. As always I strongly encourage you to research for yourself, Google Scholar is a great resource. If you have something racist or ignorant to say I would encourage you to first reread this post and then visit some of the links below.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for caring enough to read. 

See you in the next one. 




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