How I Landed my Dream Job – Everything Happens for a Reason

My mum has always been a firm believer of things happening for a reason. Over the course of my 25 years as her daughter my mind has changed many times as to how far I agree with her sentiments. Here I sit, on the floor of my favourite room tapping away at my iPad, now telling you that I dare say I agree with her. I won’t go as far as to say that everything bad that happens will one day magically be okay because it’ll have been for something good in the bigger picture, because that’s not true. Sometimes bad people do bad things, and bad things happen to perfectly normal and good people for no reason whatsoever. Trauma of any definition is deserved by no one, least of all you my beautiful reader. Yet there are some circumstances in which I’m starting to believe maybe there is a guiding hand of sorts that puts obstacles in our path in order to show us alternative routes.

Recently my mum has had reason to whip out the old classic ‘everything happens for a reason’ as I have been looking for a job. At the start of December I landed an interview for a job – in all honesty it wasn’t a job that I really wanted to do, but it did tick almost all of my perfect job boxes. I was excited at the thought of not having to worry about money any more and being able to work from home, and the positive response I received following all steps of the application and interview process left me feeling incredibly confident that it was mine. I received a phone call the day after my final interview. They thought I was great and they so wanted to give me the job, but someone ‘pipped me to the post’ as they had more experience. I was promised first shout at any future positions, I thanked them for their time and ended the call. I broke down. ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ my mum said when she called to check in on me after hearing I had been turned down. I could’ve punched her through the phone, but instead I sighed and said, ‘let’s hope so.’

That same day my partner found a job listing he was adamant would suit me. With his encouragement I wrote a compelling cover letter and sent off my CV not expecting to hear back at all, but this is where the story gets interesting. The application I sent in was for an academy within a company, it was an opportunity to gain access to an incredibly interesting and growing industry through learning on the job, to progress from a junior to a fully qualified analyst in the field. A hurdle I have faced my entire working life is that I haven’t had the experience companies want, but this opportunity only required an interest in the subject and a relevant degree – both of which I have plenty of. I applied for a handful of other jobs too, becoming more anxious as the days went on about how I would support my family if I had to rely on my art alone. The week before Christmas I received a call.

The call resulted in an invite to an interview for the analyst academy position. I had two weeks to prepare and it was an agonising wait. I researched the company, listened to podcasts talking about case studies related to the industry, I practised my answers to expected questions, and I agonised over how incredible this job would be. Unlike with the job I lost out on I didn’t tell anyone about my upcoming interview, that was until I told my mum, but I made her promise not to tell anyone for fear of jinxing myself. I was able to share my worries, doubts, and hopes with her, and she was excited at the prospect of finally seeing me put my degrees to good use. Sharing the burden of my anxiety with mum and my husband allowed me to go into the interview lighter. I also put a Tweet out the day before asking that if anyone had any positive energy to spare that they send it my way, and the responses I received filled me with all the more confidence.

The interview came and it was the longest I’d ever had an interview last, my interviewer was lovely and she approached the process in a very conversational and easy way, one that suited me perfectly and allowed me to cover all of the bases I had practiced. I was told I would hear back by the end of the week, the interview having taken place on a Wednesday, and we said goodbye. I wrote a followup email thanking her for her time and then I waited.

Friday came and went with no call. Doubt began to creep in and although I tried to remain positive I began to worry that I had been forgotten or that I was receiving the cruelest of rejections, the silent treatment. All weekend I watched my phone anxiously, knowing that no one was working, but hoping nonetheless that someone would call. On Monday my mum called and my heart nearly fell out of my mouth when the phone rang, once again she said, ‘everything happens for a reason,’ and again I replied with a hopeful sigh and reluctant agreement. To distract my mind I played a game of Magic against my husband – I won! And we decided to play a computer game together to continue the distractions.

As we sat down to pick a game to play my phone rang. It was them. I took myself away into the living room to answer the call and spoke to the person who had invited me to the interview, the talent scout for the company. At first we exchanged pleasantries and I was asked how I found the interview, I expressed my enjoyment of the interviewer’s style and I bit my tongue waiting for the news. ‘Good news,’ they said, and my heart leapt. An offer. Finally. We went over the usual post offer bits and pieces and with one last congratulations from them and a final thank you from me I ended the phone call and ran to give my husband the biggest hug I could. We did it.

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe. All I can say for sure is that as hard as the initial rejection was – and the many that came before it – I am beyond happy that I didn’t get the chance to settle for something that wasn’t where I really wanted to be. I start my new job in two weeks, and within 9 months I’ll be fully qualified and taking on my own cases. The best part is that not only will I be working in an industry that genuinely interests me and that I am excited to grow into, I get to do it all from home full time. For those of you who know me because of my art, this is also an exciting time for me and my art because I am getting the chance to reclaim my art as a hobby. I have loved selling my art and growing a small business, and I couldn’t be more proud that my art is in over 100 new homes around the world, but I have missed creating for myself, and I have been craving the sort of challenge that my new job will reward me with.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post, and what I hope to be the first of many as I find my way down the new path I have carved for myself. If you’re here for job searching advice I offer this, apply for everything and take every interview as practise for your dream job. It might take years, as it has for me, but you will find it, or something that will carry you closer towards the dream. Research the companies you’re applying for, and make sure to practise your interview techniques, there are lots of good sites with lots of advice. After that, it’s all up to you. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future, and if you’d like to see more from me make sure to pop your email address in the email subscription box to receive email updates. I’ll be posting a mixture of posts like this, book reviews, art related posts, and possibly some other bits and bobs so it’ll be a good mixed bag of entertainment. I’m around on Twitter and Instagram too and will be posting frequently across all platforms so please do connect with me over there for more. Anyway, that’s more than enough for now!

See you in the next one,

Love from Beth

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