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What’s Going On In The World?

First things first, if you’re here you probably already care enough to keep up with world news, but if you’ve been super busy lately or not feeling too well you might’ve missed out on some recent crises. It’d be close to impossible for me as one person to keep this page updated with everything that happens every minute of the day, but what I will do is drop links up the top here to anything major that needs our attention now. As always the comments are open so please feel free to drop anything of note that you want to share.

What’s going on in the world…

& there are so many other things going on in the world that need our attention. I urge everyone to keep up with global news and help out where you can. Sign the petitions, send those emails to your government representatives, go out and march for what you believe in and for those who might not have the same platform, opportunities, or freedoms as you to voice their opinions. It’s up to us to make this world better, because no one else will.

The links I have shared below are solid starting points for researching and getting involved in movements focussed on anti-racism, and achieving equal rights for oppressed groups and peoples. Some may be specifically for the UK, but wherever you are in the world it is likely there will be a group or organisation tackling the issues locally.

I will add books that I have read or am reading to the ‘books to read’ list so as not to unintentionally send you to inappropriate works. Of course there will be many books that I haven’t had the chance to read that will be very useful, and many of those can be found through the links in the online resources. It is our responsibility to pick up the slack for our dishearteningly poor historical education, and hopefully some of the resources below will be great starting points for that.

If any of what I’ve written about makes you uncomfortable or leaves you with questions I strongly encourage you to do further reading or viewing on the issues. I am happy to have conversations about the below topics, but I will not tolerate aggressive or threatening messages.

Online Resources

🌹 Here is a document with links to Information Carrds about global issues.

I’m slowly working my way through the issues I’m not aware of in the above document, and I encourage my readers to do the same.


🌹 Comprehensive collection of links, resources etc specifically focussed on Black Lives Matter

🌹 A second collection of links and resources specifically focussed on Black Lives Matter

🌹 www.transformharm.org

Books to Read

I’m currently reading, and endeavour to review:

Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington

Stony the Road by Henry Louis Gates, Jr

Britain, Slavery, and the Myth of Abolition by the Boukman Academy

Sway, Unravelling Unconscious Bias, by Pravda Agarwal

Natives, by Akala

Whilst you’re here…

See below for some quick links to movements and causes that I support and hope to encourage more people to look into. I’ll update this as frequently as I can.

🌻 www.crisis.org.uk

🌻 www.animalfreeresearchuk.org

🌻 www.ehlers-danlos.org

🌻 www.mind.org.uk

🌻 www.mermaidsuk.org.uk

🌻 www.kaleidoscopetrust.com